Saturday, May 22, 2010

it's over. it turned out perfect. she loved it.

for the past five months my sisters been planning a wedding. i've had the opportunity to help make it all come together the past few days. it's been a life changing experience to see how much people can affect ones life.
my sister's been a life savor. the bride doesn't have a lot of money. in fact she didn't really have any money to spend on her wedding. her younger sister has been suffering from leukemia and the rest of the family has had to sacrifice to take care of her medical needs. my sister volunteered to be her wedding planner. they met together and figured out what she wanted. my sister was going to make sure this special day was perfect.
chairs were donated.a photographer did her engagements, bridals, temple and reception pictures for free.the cake was donated.the wedding dress was given to her.people made all of the goodies for the reception. the flowers were given at a great discount.
lanterns were lent.flower pots were lent.
the bride received a wedding of her dreams, just like any girl deserves. it's was neat to see how people volunteered under these circumstances. so many people that didn't even know the bride stepped up to the plate. they gave her something she would've never gotten. 

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

here it goes...

alright i've started. i finally began. after searching for hours and hours to find a background that would suffice, i decided i just better start. i'll keep searching and one day i'll find the perfect one.