Monday, June 27, 2011

half marathon check

so i know this is weeks and weeks and weeks late but thought i'd post it anyway since i wrote it.

In November, while I was in China, I made a goal that I was going to run a half marathon sometime in the next year. When I returned home I began training. Whitney, Cami, and I signed up to run the Provo City Half Marathon on May 7th. Whit made us a training chart and was my personal trainer for the next 5 months. We did small runs during the week which consisted of 3-4 miles and then on Saturdays were our big runs 5,6,7,8,9,10,11...miles. Surprisingly they weren't too bad. Training really does help make it easier. haha. 

The weather has been quite cold January-May so we learned to run in rain, snow....but not heat. Apparently my body doesn't like that. 

On the morning of May 7th Cami, Whit, Dallin, and I gathered together at the starting line. We had so much adrenaline and were so excited. I was actually doing it, I couldn't believe it. I was going to run 13.1 miles and complete my goal of running a half marathon. We began and stuck close to the 2 hr mile marker lady. We kept up with her until about mile 7 then we slowed down a bit. We did not walk at all though, we ran the entire race! Cami's ipod died on about mile 4 :( that was sad. And at about mile 11 I started to feel REALLY hot and tired, but not tired of running. My legs could've gone on and on and on forever it felt like but my eyes were going to close. I was literally going to fall asleep while running. Whitney kept saying "oh come on Michelle, we've trained for this. It's mental, you can do it!" So I just kept telling myself, "IT'S MENTAL, IT'S MENTAL!" When really I didn't think it was. I WAS REALLY HOT. The last part of the race went up and over the train tracks on University Ave. When I began running up I turned it on. I was in front of Whitney and Cami and couldn't see anything but the finish line. When we started going down the hill I was nervous, I kept repeating in my head "Please don't fall Michelle." Then apparently I crossed the finish line. And stopped running a little too quickly. After running 13.1 miles and stopping so fast we all felt like we were going to faint but Whit and Cam were doing better than I was. I couldn't keep my balance, and my face looked like a dead person. I could hear my mom freaking out and I remember saying "Mom, I'm fine." and she'd reply back "No you're not." Next thing I know people are shoving bananas in my face and energy gel stuff and I'm sitting there in a chair swaying back and close to passing out. Next thing I know I'm laying down and cold water is being poured all over me and ice packs are being shoved under my armpits and on my neck and on my belly and arms...basically everywhere. I had a temperature of 105.8. I knew I was hotter than normal! I was so embarrassed and kept thinking "oh my gosh why did this have to happen to me." My family was gathered around the first aid tent I was in and Mick and some of his family, they were all so worried, and I was so embarrassed. After they got my temperature down and got me to drink some gatorade and water I felt completely fine. I got up and got myself some free Magelby's Fresh french toast. Oh boy was it yummy.

After a long run my toes are always sore, but it's never too bad. My toes were feeling quite sore and when I took off my shoes and socks I found out why. My poor little second toe on my left foot was purple. I was quite scared when I looked at it. I couldn't believe something that ugly was attached to my body. It freaked me out. It hurts! The whole top of my little toe is basically a blood blister. Cami had gotten quite a few blisters and so had Dallin but I was the only lucky one to end with heat stroke and a purple toe :) lucky me.

Even though that experience doesn't sound too pleasant. It was. I enjoyed it, I really did. I completed the Provo City Half Marathon in 2 hours and 12 minutes in 50th place! Oh boy was I proud of myself. 

Friday, March 25, 2011

so i got a new car. well i call it MY new car but it's not exactly cause i didn't buy it but i do drive it daily so it kinda is. it's a fun little guy. this new little car of mine is a manual and i had never driven a manual befoe this. all of our cars have been automatic. this was something new to me and has taken little while to get used to. i felt like a 16 year old all over again. i had to ask my mom to come driving with me so i could learn. i caught on pretty quick but i have had funny experiences thats for sure. my first night driving i was stopped a stop sign and couldn't start again. i  started giggling and if you know me you know that is not goo when that happens. i lost all control and couldn't do anything. i rolled down my window and began waving people by until i controlled myself and quit laughing so i could drive on. for some reason i wasn't even embarrassed. i'm a new driver :) i kept making myself drive the car so i would learn. i started that very next day driving the "little bullet" to work. as i was getting into the car i was thinking to myself, "what are you doing michelle, you don't know how to drive this well." but i made it to work. i did stall at a light on the way but thats just fine, it's part of learning. it's been a fun little adventure and has added a little spice to my life. i like trying new things. it's been a good change.

Thursday, February 10, 2011

my best friend.

Someone is coming home. I'm scared thats for sure. But it'll be another great adventure in my life. It's been two years and thats a long time. I'm excited, scared, happy, nervous...lots of feelings. I've grown up and changed a lot in the last two years, hope he still loves me. If he's anything like he was when he left I'll still love him. Only time will tell whats going to happen. Wish me luck.

dr. mcclane

I went to the doctor this past week and it was great. Personally I dislike doctors. I feel like so many times they can never tell you whats wrong and just give you medicine. I don't like medicine much either. I only take it when it's absolutely necessary and even then it doesn't always help. 

So I'm the queen of getting headaches. I get them ALL the time. Since I got back from China I've gotten 3-4 a week. It's been awful. Over the years I have learned to deal with the pain and only sometimes does it get so bad that I throw up or have to make myself fall asleep to feel better.  

I finally had decided I couldn't take anymore of it this past week and I agreed with making an appointment to go see Dr. McClane my sports medicine doctor. She is one doctor that I actually do like a lot. She is great! She makes me feel better every time. I went and visited her the other day and she fixed me, she really did! My neck has been all locked up and so that is why there has been SO much tension in it for the past month which thus has caused my millions of headaches. She cracked every part of my neck and back that she could. I'll admit sometimes it did hurt. She'd say "Michelle, relax" and I'd say "I"M TRYING." haha. It was great. But then she prescribed me with the best prescription I've ever received in my entire life. I have to go get a massage two times a week for the next month and then next month I need to go once a week. Oh boy did that perk me up. I haven't felt this good in years. Thanks Dr. McClane :)

my favorite jeans.

While in China I purchased 7 pairs of darling jeans. I was so in love with each one of them that I wouldn't allow myself to wear them in "dirty China." Since I got home I've realized that I like some better than others. There is one particular pair that I absolutely love. I love the way they fit and the way they make me feel. Silly I know but they just make me feel cute. I think i've been wearing them a little too much, hence the reason they're falling apart or maybe it's just because I got them in China. 

Anyways... The other day as I sat down in my chair before class started I looked down at my hand and realized that I had a little cut on it. It was stinging. I wondered how it happened but didn't worry about it too much. As I sat down in my next class I realized there were more cuts... I still didn't know how this was happening. Then as I was walking out to my car to head home I figured it all out! I was pulling my shirt down in the back as I received another small cut. My adorable, darling, charming, delightful, and most favorite jeans were falling apart. I was almost in tears. One cute little diamond has fallen off one corner of the left pocket a few weeks back and I hammered it down so it wasn't sharp. The other one must've fallen out too and the metal that was left where the diamond once was, was very sharp. Each time I reached back to pull my shirt down my hand got sliced! My poor left hand is now recovering from this traumatizing event. Hopefully it'll be all better soon.