Friday, March 25, 2011

so i got a new car. well i call it MY new car but it's not exactly cause i didn't buy it but i do drive it daily so it kinda is. it's a fun little guy. this new little car of mine is a manual and i had never driven a manual befoe this. all of our cars have been automatic. this was something new to me and has taken little while to get used to. i felt like a 16 year old all over again. i had to ask my mom to come driving with me so i could learn. i caught on pretty quick but i have had funny experiences thats for sure. my first night driving i was stopped a stop sign and couldn't start again. i  started giggling and if you know me you know that is not goo when that happens. i lost all control and couldn't do anything. i rolled down my window and began waving people by until i controlled myself and quit laughing so i could drive on. for some reason i wasn't even embarrassed. i'm a new driver :) i kept making myself drive the car so i would learn. i started that very next day driving the "little bullet" to work. as i was getting into the car i was thinking to myself, "what are you doing michelle, you don't know how to drive this well." but i made it to work. i did stall at a light on the way but thats just fine, it's part of learning. it's been a fun little adventure and has added a little spice to my life. i like trying new things. it's been a good change.

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  1. this car is soo cute! and you're doing so good. even on hills! i mean, you haven't killed me yet! ;)