Thursday, February 10, 2011

dr. mcclane

I went to the doctor this past week and it was great. Personally I dislike doctors. I feel like so many times they can never tell you whats wrong and just give you medicine. I don't like medicine much either. I only take it when it's absolutely necessary and even then it doesn't always help. 

So I'm the queen of getting headaches. I get them ALL the time. Since I got back from China I've gotten 3-4 a week. It's been awful. Over the years I have learned to deal with the pain and only sometimes does it get so bad that I throw up or have to make myself fall asleep to feel better.  

I finally had decided I couldn't take anymore of it this past week and I agreed with making an appointment to go see Dr. McClane my sports medicine doctor. She is one doctor that I actually do like a lot. She is great! She makes me feel better every time. I went and visited her the other day and she fixed me, she really did! My neck has been all locked up and so that is why there has been SO much tension in it for the past month which thus has caused my millions of headaches. She cracked every part of my neck and back that she could. I'll admit sometimes it did hurt. She'd say "Michelle, relax" and I'd say "I"M TRYING." haha. It was great. But then she prescribed me with the best prescription I've ever received in my entire life. I have to go get a massage two times a week for the next month and then next month I need to go once a week. Oh boy did that perk me up. I haven't felt this good in years. Thanks Dr. McClane :)

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