Thursday, February 10, 2011

my favorite jeans.

While in China I purchased 7 pairs of darling jeans. I was so in love with each one of them that I wouldn't allow myself to wear them in "dirty China." Since I got home I've realized that I like some better than others. There is one particular pair that I absolutely love. I love the way they fit and the way they make me feel. Silly I know but they just make me feel cute. I think i've been wearing them a little too much, hence the reason they're falling apart or maybe it's just because I got them in China. 

Anyways... The other day as I sat down in my chair before class started I looked down at my hand and realized that I had a little cut on it. It was stinging. I wondered how it happened but didn't worry about it too much. As I sat down in my next class I realized there were more cuts... I still didn't know how this was happening. Then as I was walking out to my car to head home I figured it all out! I was pulling my shirt down in the back as I received another small cut. My adorable, darling, charming, delightful, and most favorite jeans were falling apart. I was almost in tears. One cute little diamond has fallen off one corner of the left pocket a few weeks back and I hammered it down so it wasn't sharp. The other one must've fallen out too and the metal that was left where the diamond once was, was very sharp. Each time I reached back to pull my shirt down my hand got sliced! My poor left hand is now recovering from this traumatizing event. Hopefully it'll be all better soon.

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