Wednesday, June 9, 2010

i'm humiliated

Amber, Whitney, Karissa, Alexis, Ashley, and I are known as the 6th ward singers. We have one song, The Olive Tree, that we've sung in multiple Sacrament meetings, Cove Point visits, firesides and more. Four of us now are graduated from High School and moved out of the ward. Our parents are in the YM/YW and asked if we'd come back and sing our famous song for ward Youth Conference. Our response was yes. We've got the song memorized we've sung it so many times. We were unable to find a person to play the song for us so we resorted to the accompaniment on the CD. We practiced it a few days before and then right before we were to sing. None of us seemed to be very nervous. Our ward had heard us sing the song many times and we felt ready. We'd been having a little trouble with one entrance because the pause was quite a bit longer than we were used to but we headed on stage confident. We sang the first half of the song beautifully. Our voices built up at the climax of the song. The spirit was strong and our voices blended so well. Then came the pause...One of us started to laugh and the rest was history. The next thing we knew we were all giggling. The audience was looking at us with confused faces. What had we just done? We ruined the feeling in that room. We giggled through the last verse of the song. When the music stopped the audience burst out in laughter! We were HUMILIATED!