Wednesday, December 22, 2010

i love my kids!

Seeing my ELE kids makes me happy. Trevor always breaks out in song. Austin is so sweet and always smiles. Blake tells me he loves me and blows me kisses. Becky gives me big hugs. Gary has the cutest smile and always runs up for a hug. Michael, Ryan, and Jordan do that stanky leg and the jerk. The biggest grin appears on Joni’s face each time I enter the room. Mason answers every question I ask. Jacob has the best pronunciation. Nena is so sweet. Rick is kind of clueless but always so kind a loving. Halle always fills in the activities and gets 100 percent. Kristin remembers well and is pretty shy but darling. Whitney is quiet and always behaves. At first whenever I’d say Michael’s name everyone would laugh. I asked Mary why they always would laugh and she said it was because of Michael Jackson. It was hilarious. Each time they leave class and come back they stay by the door and say “may I come in.” and wait for me to respond before they step through the doorway. How polite. When class is over I never have to erase the board. That is the student’s job. They come up and tidy up the front of the room and clear off the board for me.

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